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theater shooting spree and a crime scene tape. >> they may be better for the environment but a new study finds that reusable bags may not be good for your help. more stores have decided to do away with plastic bags. many cities have blind them altogether. doctors tested them and found the same type of bacteria you find in dirty underwear. wash them. and also designate them for raw meat and produce. >> overall we found 10% of them had the coli and 50% had coliform send all of them had some kind of bacteria. >> that is disgusting. they traced an outbreak of the navorro virus to a reusable bag. there is a simple solution, disinfected after each trip and do not store them in your car. it is a breeding ground for bacteria. the new acts that could help those starred with infertility. it would provide a tax credit for those who choose in vitro fertilization. about $12,000 and it is often not covered by insurance. now they are supporting a tax credits to those who choose in vitro. it would provide up to $13,000 in tax credit. >> it is four more days or four more years. those are the chance at th
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1